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I am an Employer

"We were very impressed with the training course that B2W provide for numerous reasons. The most impressive element was the quality of the training provided. It was clear that the Trainers at B2W have incredible experience in training. "

− Claire Collins, The Insurance Octopus

"Our recruitment has been fully supported by Back 2 Work Complete Training since last year and the service has been outstanding; always meeting our expectations and constantly going that extra mile. "

− Danny Scargill, Funded Learning

"I have been impressed with the help and support provided by Back 2 Work. We have used Pre Employment, which benefited LED Hut,
and just as importantly our customers."

− Marcus Bayley, LED Hut

"Back 2 Work took the time to get to know our business properly, so we knew the staff that we were recruiting from them were going to fit in perfectly."

− Imran Hakim, Hakim Group

I am a Jobseeker

"I’ve learnt so many pointers to take away with me in my new career. I will really miss coming to the course every day"

− Jacqueline Shone

"One of the most positive training experiences I have ever had. I’ve learnt many useful skills and the course has inspired me, and built my confidence and motivation too."

− Andrew Carter

"I will truly be an experience I will keep with me and I appreciate all the help and knowledge that has been passed on to me."

− Daniel Marshall

"My confidence has soared...Back 2 Work Complete Training is a fantastic company and should be in every city in the UK!"

− Herminder Sangha

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