It can feel like forever when you’re searching for a job. How many CVs have you sent off without receiving a single response, never mind an interview?

It can sometimes feel hopeless when employers are constantly asking for experience – how do you get experience when no one will take you on? Well, lucky that you’ve come to the right place, because none of this applies to us. We’re here to help you succeed.

Our Programmes


Sales and Service

This is our longest running, most popular course. We spend the first week looking at ways to make you more employable and the latter part of the course involves learning industry techniques. It looks at basic introductory techniques in sales and customer service but also covers some more complicated skills such as overcoming objections. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be interviewed by one of our established employers.



Our hospitality course will introduce you to this fast-paced intense industry, covering a whole range of different job roles. From hotel receptionist to kitchen preparation, you’ll get a broad insight into the hospitality industry to enable you to find the perfect career direction for you. Once we’ve filled you full of knowledge, we’ll send you off for interview with a local employer.



By popular demand we had to bring in our warehousing course. We know warehousing isn’t just brawn – it’s brains too. There’s a lot to think about and we’re here to put you in the know. Whether it’s a refresher you need, or you fancy going into warehousing for the first time, we’ll support you through your journey into this line of work.

Course Specification

Number of candidates per course: 12-20
Course length: 2/3 weeks
Course Time: 10.00am-5.00pm
Accredited/certificated?: Yes
Interviews guaranteed?: Yes
Must be claiming JSA: Yes

NOTE: Applicants cannot have done an Employability Level 1 certificated course previously.

Our Upcoming Open Days

Sales and Service
Sales and Service
Sales and Service
Sales and Service
Sales and Service
Sales and Service
Sales and Service

20th July 2015
20th July 2015
20th July 2015
3rd August 2015
3rd August 2015
3rd August 2015
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10th August 2015

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Why a Traineeship with B2W?

When you first come out of education, the world of work can seem very daunting. So you‘ve found the academic route wasn’t for you and you just need that extra time and support to dedicate to your job search. If that sounds like you, a Traineeship would be perfect. Most Traineeships naturally follow on to an Apprenticeship too – so you can start making tracks down the career path you want.

What Makes Our Traineeship Different?

We like to think of it as a bit of a mix! There’s the training element, a high quality work environment, a few sessions of English and/or Maths and job search support throughout! The end outcome will be a job and/or Apprenticeship – what happens is all down to you.

The Benefits of Our Traineeship?

We have a back door policy that aims to help people like yourself into work opportunities that have so far proven impossible to access. Examples are:

    • Administration
    • Engineering
    • Events Management
    • Data Validation
    • Midwifery
    • Payroll
    • Recruitment

Whilst on the Traineeship, we will support you as you develop skills in job search, completing applications, interview, and presentation techniques. Whether it takes 6 weeks or 6 months, we will source and promote you to potential employers offering career paths to your dream job.

Once in a work placement, we will ensure that you continue to receive our full support in Maths, English and help with travel and lunch costs where required.

How it works


The Youth Contract (NuTraxx)

Are you 19-24? Do you live in Stockport or Oldham? Could you do with some mentoring and support to help you find work?
We are here to help you. Our mentors will work with you, on a one-to-one basis to give you the best chance of securing a job. And there’s an added bonus. Need a new suit for your interview? Need help with travel? Not a problem! Our individual budgets are in place so that you can be fully supported in every way. We have from £1000 to overcome any barriers that may be stopping you from finding work, so we won’t let anything get in the way of you getting the job you need.

Our mentors our also classed as a 24/7 critical friend. That means if you need us, you just have to call – it doesn’t matter what time it is. We understand that things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes you might not know exactly what to do, but we’re here to give you advice whenever you need it.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll cover your travel for up to 9 months once you’re in work whilst you get yourself on your feet. Your new employer will love that too because they know you’ll be reliable and committed!

How it works


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Refer a Friend

Haven’t you heard? Refer a friend to on our schemes and receive £50!*

*Terms and conditions apply. Referred candidates much be eligible for one of our programmes. Referred candidates must reach a minimum stage within learning before qualifying as a successful referral.

"I feel much more confident with myself and my ability to put myself across to others in the correct way."

− Stephanie Leyland

"I have really learnt a lot from this course from interview technique to things like doing my CV, which I used to completely overlook."

− Craig Hughes

"The course was great for breaking some bad habits that I’ve picked up over the years. There were some very useful tips on positive language and the course trainer was always very clear."

− Paul Hill

"My time on the course gave me the opportunity to learn new skills that I would need to use when I had my interview and I learnt how to put these skills to use in the workplace. It also gave me the confidence to start on a brand new career path"

− Sam Goddard

"I'm nothing like I was 2 weeks ago, and I really feel that even in such a short amount of time this has really set me up for the future. I can only thank you for that."

− Nathan Heaton