As an employer, you know how much time and effort it takes to find the right people to fill your roles; especially when you have multiple positions available.

Imagine there was someone out there that could take this off your hands, and all without it costing you a penny… With us, you don’t have to imagine. We find your candidates, bring them through our selection process, train them to be work ready to your specifications, then finally, present them to you for interview. Hey presto!

Our Programmes


Sales and Service

Are you looking for talented staff for your sales or service teams?
Our popular, well established Sales and Service programmes have been running for over 5 years, ensuring businesses across the North West have sales teams that pack a punch.
We cover a range of different sales techniques, including stripping it back to rudimentary communication to developing more complex objection handling techniques. Once we’ve done our bit, you can take over and interview to your heart’s content.



Do you need competent, multi-skilled staff that can handle the fast paced flow and pressure of your business?
Our course is a specialised industry introduction programme covering a variety of different topics within the Hospitality sector. Every detail has been designed to guarantee we deliver staff that can hit the ground running.

Various subjects that are covered on the course are introductions to the roles hotel receptionist, housekeeping, waiter/waitressing, kitchen porter and kitchen preparation. It looks at food safety, bacteria and health risks from contamination and cross contamination.



How can you find proficient, motivated entry-level warehousing staff to add to your work force?
We created this programme due to popular demand so that businesses like yours are never short of an extra pair of hands. Drawing on industry experience we’ve tailored the programme to modern day manual practices in a way that is sure to have your staff set off on the right foot from day one.
Key areas covered in the course are Health and Safety, Manual Handling, hygiene standards in a storage environment, managing stock levels as well as moving/handling goods and more. When the course is complete, you get to interview each.

Course Specifications

Number of candidates per course: 12-20
Lead time to source candidates: 3-4 weeks
Candidates sourced from: Local to your business Course length: 2 weeks
Accredited/certificated?: Yes
Interviews required?: Yes
Minimum positions available for bespoke course: 8

How it works

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The Youth Contract (NuTraxx)

Perhaps you just need 1 or 2 staff in the Stockport or Oldham area? Are you looking to inject some youthful enthusiasm into your workforce?

The Youth Contract is a relatively new programme, dedicated to young people, 19-24, supporting them in their journey to finding employment. Our mentors work closely with both the employer and our clients to ensure we can match the right person to the right job.

The Youth Contract has many added benefits to the programme. You can offer any individual on the contract a work trial before you employ them – so there’s no risk to you. Then if you choose to employ them, we’ll cover there transport costs for 9 months, so you won’t have any issues there!

Plus, with the NuTraxx programme, each individual has a personal budget, which can be used to overcome barriers to employment. For example, if your company policy states that Joe Bloggs must have his own chef whites before he can start work, we can use the personal budget to get him what he needs and ensure Fred doesn’t miss out on the job. If there’s still money left in the budget, you can claim it to pay for training for that person too!

And “Guess what?” businesses in Stockport! We have good news for you! There are employment grants available to businesses taking on individuals signed up to the Youth Contract. Just ask for more information when you contact us.

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How it works

Studies show a 2:1 retention rate amongst staff provided by Back 2 Work against staff recruited internally

Turn around can be as little as 4 weeks

Trained with us
in work
risk to you

"We were very impressed with the training course that B2W provide for numerous reasons. The most impressive element was the quality of the training provided. It was clear that the Trainers at B2W have incredible experience in training."

− Claire Collins, The Insurance Octopus

"Back 2 Work took the time to get to know our business properly, so we knew the staff that we were recruiting from them were going to fit in perfectly."

− Imran Hakim, Hakim Group

"Our recruitment has been fully supported by Back 2 Work Complete Training since last year and the service has been outstanding; always meeting our expectations and constantly going that extra mile."

− Danny Scargill, Funded Learning

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