Are you an Employer?

 We find your candidates, bring them through our selection process, train them to be work ready to your specifications, then finally, present them to you for interview. Back2Work Complete Training will source candidates

Recruitment Overview

Do you need to find proficient, motivated entry-level staff to add to your work force?

We created a range of programmes so that businesses like yours are never short of an extra pair of hands. 

Drawing on industry experience we’ve tailored each and every one of our programmes to suit practices in a way that is sure to have your staff set off on the right foot from day one.

1. workplace assessment

We'll come and visit you on site to speak about your recruitment needs. We'll ask you about your current staffing and have a proper look at what your business does, and from this we can identify what you need.


We will hold a session that all of our candidates will attend. This gives us a chance to screen them before training begins as well as giving the candidates the chance to decide if this opportunity is right for them.


This is where you get to meet the candidates that have been through our training course and conduct a formal interview. We will work with yourself and the candidates to arrange a suitable time/date for an interview.

2. applicants sourced

Once we establish what you need, we will start to source the applicants. We use a range of methods to source applicants including job boards and social media. We keep your information confidential during this process.​

4. Training BEGINS

Our 2/3 week course will begin the Monday after the open day. During this point, everything that has been discussed during the workplace assessment will be addressed and put into practice. During the training period, Back2Work Complete Training will reimburse travel costs for all successful candidates.


Following the interviews, you will provide us with feedback on all candidates so we can arrange a start date with those who have been successful, and continue to develop and support unsuccessful candidates.