We have recently delivered a Health and Social Care training course to provide qualifications and job opportunities for unemployed people in Lancashire.

The course was a success and Simon had nothing but fantastic things to say about the training that was delivered.

Due to unprecedented demand for Support Workers within our charitable business – and with traditional routes to applicants not garnering the required levels or quality of applicants – I decided that I would reach out to training providers in order to run an initial SBWA (Sector Based Work Academy). 

Having spoken to a number of providers – it was quickly apparent that Back2Work Complete Training was the slickest and most professional and amendable– organising initial meetings quickly and having a “can-do” attitude that certainly fitted in with our urgent requirements. Back2Work Complete Training supported discussions with JCP – helping to sell the concept to advisors whom we were reliant upon to refer the right number and the right quality – they went above and beyond to support this, including designing posters and the like to support the marketing of the course within JCP.

Back2Work Complete Training supported me every step of the way – from assisting the initial screening of interested parties to securing viable premises for the running of the course – and moved very quickly to ensure as minimal a time lag between the initial screen to the course commencing 72 hours later – this “traction” that we were able to generate ensured the course had a viable number of applicants.  Back2Work Complete Training were happy for me to drop into the 2-week training sessions when I wanted to speak to the potential recruits and accommodated all requests for documents such as fully completed application forms to ensuring the right to work documents were obtained in a timely fashion.

To date – of the 17 people that completed the course – 16 have been interviewed and 14 have been offered, which is an amazing 87.5% success rate! Way higher than our actual expectations – all of the applicants that attended were suitably attired, well prepared and well coached.  I myself spoke to quite a few of them and they all were highly complimentary as to the content of the training course and many felt without that course they would not have had the confidence to attend the interview.  Several admitted to having struggled at interviews in the past and felt that the employability section of the course was really beneficial and very relevant and they used the practical skills gained in the course to good effect in the interviews as demonstrated by the results.

The team leaders conducting the interviews were somewhat nervous to start with – not expecting much from these applicants – but were literally blown away by the quality of the applicants and the quality of the answers – I, therefore, cannot praise Back2Work Complete Training highly enough – the job they have done is nothing short of exceptional and far exceeded my expectations.  I would have zero hesitation in recommending them to any other business.  I am so delighted – I have already booked another course for another difficult to recruit area and feel supremely confident that this will again garner another batch of excellent applicants.

Special thanks must go to Paula but also Julie who conducted the training course – it has been superb!

Health & Social Care Client, Lancashire