Are you set up and ready for a warehouse job interview but are unsure of how to go about it? 

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These tips will help prepare you for any warehouse interview, alongside giving you a sense of the type of interview questions you should expect. 
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Prepare Questions

Preparing questions before an interview is key. At the end of the interview, employers will invite you to ask them questions regarding the role or business. We advise having a few queries prepared to ensure this is the right role for you and to demonstrate that you’re showing an interest in the opportunity. If you do ask questions they will see that you are interested and keen to know more.

Do some research about the company 

It is crucial to do research beforehand on the company you are having the interview for, as the interview will more than likely as you what you know about them. A good tip is to research what the company does, its primary clientele, how big the organisation is and in some cases who is in charge.

Dress Professionally 

When attending a job interview you should dress appropriately, a large majority of job interviews tend to ask for smart or smart casual as this is standard job interview wear. 

  • Smart trousers
  • Smart Shirt
  • Smart Shoes

Come up with your strengths and weaknesses beforehand  

During your interview you should expect to be asked about your strengths and weaknesses, the reason the interviewer does this is to get a better understanding of you and to figure out what kind of help they could give you to help you progress during your role. This is also a way they get to understand if you are right for the job. Be sure to have some strengths and weaknesses but be sure to make them strictly work-related, for example; saying you are late for work often as a weakness will most likely not get you the job.   

Know your availability 

Warehousing jobs usually come with shifts that can vary in time, so during the interview, they will ask if you are flexible in terms of working hours.

Help with questions they may ask you

This section will give you an idea of the types of questions you may get asked and some tips on what you should respond with.

How are you working in a team

  • I work well in teams, I can follow instructions without fail and take lead if needed.
  • I have experience in working in a team, I can instruct others on their tasks directly, clear and respectful. 

How do you handle mistakes

  • Admit to the mistake and come up with a way to resolve it
  • If necessary speak with a manager

How are your problem-solving skills

  • Access the situation and what it has had/or would have happened
  • Come up with ideas to resolve the issue fast and effectively                                

Why should we hire you/How would we benefit from hiring you

  • Hardworking
  • Flexible
  • Passionate about work
  • Your skills will help you exceed in the role

Why do you want to work in a warehouse

  • Teamworking
  • Progression
  • Variety of work

How are you with working in a fast pace environment

  • Good time management 
  • Abe to get tasks done within time

How do you perform under pressure 

  • Break down tasks
  • Ask what needs to be done (priority tasks)
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Are you aware of health and safety

  • Take a look at the company website for their own health and safety 
  • Do some research into health and safety and relay the information you have learned 

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Feedback from our learners and why they recommend us  

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“Yes, the course was very helpful. Knowing more about regulations in the workplace is valuable for any employment.” – Alison Davison

Would you recommend us to others?

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