Grigorijs completed his pre-employment training programme in Construction and within one week of completing he had found employment and started a new job.

During the course, Grigoijs developed a vast understanding of health & safety within the construction industry, developed his employability skills and achieved his green CSCS card. With his new knowledge of the industry and employment confidence, he secured a job in Wisbech.

Grigorijs’ Experience

What made you want to take part in this course?

Wanted to gain new skills which would allow me to get back to work in the construction industry.

What did you enjoy most about this course?

It was informative, I understood everything even English is my second language.

What new skills and knowledge have you learned?

Health and safety in construction. Health and safety level 1. Gained employability skills, how to write a CV, and ‘sell’ myself to potential employers.

Did you find that the course met your expectations?

Yes, I was able to achieve exactly what I wanted.

Did you find that the course prepared you for an interview and employment?

Yes, absolutely.

Did you find employment upon course completion?


How are you finding employment?

I am enjoying employment.

Were you provided with enough support from the entire team throughout the process?

Yes, and I started my job shortly afterwards, literally within a week.

Would you recommend us to others?

Yes, would highly recommend it because:
New knowledge, new skills, and official documents issued.
Issued documents are widely recognised and accepted, especially CSCS card.
The fact that training was free for me, has helped, as I was unemployed for 3 months before I started the course. The grant of £50 I have spent on a buying Webcam and microphone and paying for travel to Kings Lynn for a test.
I found a job literally within a week after a course, so thank you!

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