Janet joined our CSCS course after being made redundant following lockdown. During our course, she enjoyed being in a group with people in similar situations, as well as being able to take the learning at a pace which suited her. 

Read more about her experience below:

What made you want to take part in this course?

To widen my work scope and do something different after being made redundant in 2020.

What did you enjoy most about this course?

We had an excellent teacher and I got to meet others who are in the same position as myself. 

What new skills and knowledge have you learned?

Understanding the industry, Health & Safety, Construction Practices and Working, Moving and Handling in Construction 

Did you find that the course met your expectations and prepared you for employment?

The course met all of my expectations because it was done at my speed of learning and understanding. 

Did you find that the course prepared you for interview and employment? 

The course prepared me for being more open, asking open questions and understanding body language.

Did you find employment upon course completion?

Yes. Working at a Renaker site as a full time industrial cleaner. 

 Are you enjoying employment?

I’m finding it good for me to do something completely different – I enjoy it.

Were you provided with enough support from the entire team throughout the process?

Yes, the team was on hand to support every step of the way. 

Would you recommend us to others?

I’m learning something new at 57 years old and would recommend it to everyone, it’s not too late to learn, especially after Covid 19. 

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