Julie joined our Pre-Employment Training programme to gain new skills and expand her career options.

On the course, Julie gained a new set of skills with guidance from our expert tutors, which inspired her to want to learn more!

Read more about her experience below:

Julie’s Experience

Was the course content easy to follow?

As I was a more mature student, and not used to using a computer every day, I did struggle a little and was slower than other students. I ended up learning a lot more than I expected and felt that this course has made me want to do further computer courses.

Was there anything you didn’t expect to learn? Or anything which you wanted to learn that wasn’t covered?

I do not believe that anything needs changing in any aspect of the course I did. It is a good start to learning about how warehouses operate and the health and safety aspects of the roles in the warehouses.

It is an enjoyable course to do even if, like myself, you do not start work in warehouses due to being offered another job somewhere else. I really enjoyed learning and want to do more.

Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes, I would. It is well organised and with great tutors who take the time to help students if they need additional assistance. It is also interesting, and you learn new skills which will help in different types of jobs. 

Did you find employment upon course completion?

Yes, I did! I was asked if I wanted to go back working for Cross Pens UK after a temporary job with them at Christmas 2020, when lockdown ended in April.  I am using some of the knowledge I learned on the course to help in this job, for instance how-to pick-up stock safely.

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