Nnamdi enrolled in our pre-employment training programme in order to understand much more about the construction industry. Since working with Back 2 Work Complete Training he has achieved a qualification in construction, obtained his CSCS Green Card and is now working as a manager, overseeing the health and safety in his workplace.

Nnamdi’s Experience

Before starting the course, Nnamdi was actively seeking employment but wanted to extend his skills and knowledge to help support him into a better role.

Since completing the course he has found employment and has said he is ‘buzzing’ in his new role and thankful for the support from Back 2 Work Complete Training, especially from his tutor Paulina.

Here is what he had to say about his experience with us:

What made you want to take part in this course?

I wanted to be able to understand the regulations, legislation, and procedures of health and safety and gain more confidence to be able to guide and monitor contractors on site.

What did you enjoy most about this course?

The step by step guidelines outlined in the course were very informative.

What new skills and knowledge have you learned?

I learned a lot, how to better organise my CV to be more employable, learned about different behaviours at work that will stand one out in an organisation. I also learned how to work smart and in-line with set rules and regulations.

Did you find that the course met your expectations?

Yes, it did and even surpassed my expectations.

Did you find that the course prepared you for an interview and employment?

Totally, at the time I was taking this course I was unemployed, the course gave me the tools I needed to prepare for the interviews of jobs I was applying for and got me back into the job market. 

Did you find employment upon course completion?

Yes, in a school as a site manager. My main job role is to monitor and secure the site. I make sure that health and safety issues are taken care of as soon as possible, access control and make sure people do their job safely.

How are you finding employment?

I am “buzzing”!  Please forgive my language but that’s how I feel after the impartation of knowledge by the team at Back 2 Work Complete Training. I’d like to give special thanks to my mentor during the course, Paulina. Wow, she was very helpful! I personally called her many times yet she was calm and collected, always going straight to the point to support me.

Were you provided with enough support from the entire team throughout the process?

Yes, a big thank you to Paulina.

Would you recommend us to others?

Yes, I would because this course taught me a lot about life and work which is basically what one needs to face the scary job market.

For more information on the courses that we run and how Back 2 Work Complete Training can help you find employment, visit our Upcoming Courses page.