We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the newest member of our B2W Family, Rohey Smith. Rohey had been unemployed for a number of months following on from a back injury. Due to the nature of the injury, Rohey was unable to work for an extended period of time and this really knocked her work-confidence. Luckily, Rohey had previous experience in accounting for a community group, though some more formal training was needed. This led to Rohey discovering our Digital Contact Centre course. 

“I was referred to the PET courses by the job centre as they sent me on a job hunt for customer service advisor roles. I then did a 2-week course but was unsuccessful in finding a permanent position. Fortunately, Leila from Back To Work Complete Training kept sending jobs to me, and I didn’t give up trying.”

During her time as a learner with us, Rohey was noticed by our recruitment team for her excellent drive and work ethic, as well as how quickly she was able to pick up skills. As our goal is to get our learners into permanent work roles, we take time to consider where the best fit would be for a learner, along with the kind of job they are looking for. As well as providing formal qualifications, Rohey was able to build her confidence back up, as it had declined during her break in employment.

“It was my confidence that the course helped with. The teacher was brilliant, and they helped out with everything.”

Due to our commitment to get all of our learners into roles, a member of our recruitment staff reached out an interview to Rohey, to come and work for us. After multiple roles falling through, Rohey was pleased to be offered a position working with The B2W Group – “I fell into good hands, everyone hear is lovely. Everyone is patient with me. I’m getting on top of things, and I love it”

We believe that our courses can have an impact on a learner’s wider life. The approach our tutors make to learning is focused around ensuring that all our learners enter an interview not only industry trained, but with the confidence to succeed and secure their next role. We asked Rohey how the course had affected her wider life – “It’s freeing. I feel this happiness inside when I sit down to work. I even recommend people from my community to this course” 

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Pre-Employment Training works great as both a recruitment service for employers and an employment service for those who are unemployed.

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