How would you rate the course content & why?

The course training had developed my love for learning and opened a world of opportunity for me. I just want to thank all the people behind this training courses, your dedication and your effort in all the things that you do will definitely leave a mark to all the people that you help. Continue to inspire more people especially the young generation and make them embrace the love for learning.


How well did your tutor support you through the course content?

They both had the mindset of helping us learners and made us believe that we can always make a difference. Both had excellent communication skills and are good listeners.


Following the course, do you feel more prepared for working in your selected industry?

After the course training, I can feel that I am fully equipped and ready to face anything to better perform my chosen career. I can have the ability to accomplish tasks efficiently.


Are you more confident after completing the course?

Life doesn’t stop when you become a mother, it doesn’t make you any less capable. It only propels or pushes me forward to do great things. With the help of the course training, I was able to build my confidence. There is no easy life but with dedication and willingness to do things, it will make life so much easier.


Do you feel as though you are better prepared to remain in work and also access a higher salary rate?

Expressing ambition and motivation for a successful career can show your enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications. I think it should be based on my skills and capabilities and on current industry rates.


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