Our Contact Centre pre-employment training course provides our learners with all the knowledge and understanding they need to secure employment in this industry.

One learner who recently completed the course is Jessica from Nottingham.

Jessica's Story

After previously working as an Administrator within legal services, Jessica had struggled to re-enter full-time employment. She had been searching for a role within a contact centre or customer services, but struggled to find a suitable role that would provide her with an increase in salary and more responsibility.

She enrolled on our Pre-Employment Contact Centre course to learn new skills, gain accredited qualifications to help boost her overall employability, and allow her to learn new concepts of team leading and staying safe online.

When reflecting on the content of the course, Jessica praised the delivery of her tutor, who she says provided a great deal of support and encouragement.

"My tutor (Amberine) was excellent. She really supported me and drew on my strengths, while making myself and others on the course feel engaged and comfortable throughout.

"She was assertive when she needed to be, while still being able to have a laugh with us at the same time. I think she's the best in the business!"

More Competent & Confident

Jessica also praised her enjoyment of the course, and how she now has an increased confidence in the various subjects and skills she learnt throughout.

"I feel more competent in many areas. We covered lots of different ideas and concepts behind contact centre operations, team leading and cybersecurity, and I now feel more confident now that I have completed the course and am proud to be able to add the qualifications I gained to my CV."

Opportunities On The Horizon

Not only did Jessica successfully complete the Contact Centre course, but she also gained accredited qualifications. Not just in Contact Centre Operations, but also in Team Leading and Cybersecurity. She says she is now excited about the opportunities she has received to interview with potential employers and return to full-time employment.

"I know that my experience on this course will open up further opportunities and hopefully at an increased salary than before completing the course.

"I have already had a few companies express an interest and am excited about the potential opportunities to come. Thank you for helping me get this far."

Congratulations again Jessica – and good luck in your future career

Looking to get back into work?

If you’re currently unemployed, over the age of 19 and looking to get back into work, our range of pre-employment courses could offer you a pathway to a new career.

Please contact us here and a member of our team will get in touch to talk through the options available to you.

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