Our Customer Service training course is ideal for learners who want to learn and gain a broad understanding about working in this industry, with a specific focus on customer services and contact centres.

The course covers the fundamentals of customer service roles, including the principles of customer service, how to meet customers’ expectations, the importance of appropriate behaviour and communication techniques, as well as ways to deal with problem customers.

One learner who recently completed the course is Zulfiquar Ahmed from Milton Keynes.

Zulfiquar's Story

After a spell of unemployment, Zulfiquar was looking at ways in which he could return to full-time employment while learning new skills – focusing on customer service and working with others. He enrolled on our Customer Service training course for this reason, and revealed that he thoroughly enjoyed the course in more ways than one.

We asked Zulfiquar about his overall experience on the course and what skills he gained from the various units on the course.

"I learned many things that I missed in my 13 years of professional life. The course helped me to think more deeper and prepare me to be more professional than ever.

"I also did Cyber Security and Team Leading units on the course, which helped me to get interviews with companies such as Sky, Lidl and OneBank."

Support from Tutor

Zulfiquar also heaped praise on his tutor, who helped boost his overall confidence and explained the details of the course clearly throughout.

"The tutor was extremely supportive and patient. She clarified any doubts we had and she let us do role playing activities where we would also share our own thoughts and knowledge.

"She was also always ready to explain any queries we might have. The assessments and feedback were also another notable things to mention. She always showed us areas where we needed to look into more, and show us the areas where we did well."

Confidence to progress

Since completing the course, not only did Zulfiquar receive his Level 1 Certificate, but he has also undertaken multiple interviews with employers for customer service roles as he begins his journey back to full-time employment.

He explained what the course has provided for him in terms of his new skills and knowledge, as well as a new-found confidence in himself.

"I think I will now have more opportunities to progress because of the new skills I have learnt, which I can confidently mention on my CV for new roles.

"I believe if these new skills I gained are utilised in any work environment, the organisation will see success at every level. It will start by creating a professional work environment for myself, to delivering the best customer service possible, which will bring success for any business."

Congratulations again Zulfiquar, and good luck in your future career!

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