Our Contact Centre Training Course provides our learners with all the knowledge and understanding they need to secure employment in this industry.

One learner who recently completed the course is Daphne Lai, who says she has learnt a great amount of new skills which will be transferable into a new role.

Daphne's Story

Daphne enrolled on our Pre-Employment Contact Centre training course to learn new skills and gain accredited qualifications.

She says she now feels more confident and is looking forward to showcasing her new found skills in a new role.

"The role playing aspect of the course was great, as it meant I could get familiar with talking to people I didn't know over Microsoft Teams.

"It's helped me be able to communicate more effectively without being face to face.The tutors also supported me by giving me all the necessary information and helping answer any questions I may have had."

Positive Experience

Daphne had nothing but praise for her tutors throughout the course and described them as patient, helpful and always open to answering questions from the learners.

She also went on to tell us that she now feels more confident after completing this course and is able to speak in front of larger groups and lead discussions. 

"Both the tutor and support tutor were good at time management, were both very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear, simple format suited to the people at different levels of their career.

"They were patient, helpful and always on-hand to answer any queries and to provide support depending on individual requirements.

"Over the duration of the course, this also also helped me gain more confidence in speaking-up in larger groups and leading group discussions. All skills which I will be looking forward to showcasing in a new role."

Congratulations on completing our course Daphne – and good luck!

Looking to get back into work?

If you’re currently unemployed, over the age of 19 and looking to get back into work, our range of pre-employment courses could offer you a pathway to a new career.

Please contact us here and a member of our team will get in touch to talk through the options available to you.

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