Gwendoline Lester recently completed our Contact Centre Course. During her time here she was not only able to brush up on basic customer service skills, but also refine her transferrable skills and find ways to make use of existing skillsets. 

Read more about Gwendolin’s experience below: 

How would you rate the relevance of the course content? And why?

I am now in a customer call centre focusing role — this course was really beneficial when it came not only to brushing up on basic customer service skills but also for adapting my own transferable skills to a customer call centre role. I learned a lot about the terms and expectations associated with customer sales specifically as well. Now that I am in a call centre role as an advisor, I feel like the course provided by Back2Work really did prepare me for this kind of work and day-to-day interactions when taking inbound calls from customers.

How well did your tutor support you through the course content? And why?

Adele Worthington was a really enthusiastic, positive and inclusive course tutor, always responsive and approachable for the people involved on the course. I am very grateful to her for being so attentive and making each day interesting and fun while being equally informative and professional as part of the course. Well done, Adele!

Following the course, do you feel more prepared for working in your selected industry? And why?

Now that I take inbound calls, I am putting into practice some of the learning from my Back2Work Customer Service and Call Centre ETA course. Aspects such as customer service delivery, including attitudes towards customers and following a fair code of conduct relative to businesses and organisations, and how industry knowledge and research impacts how you can deliver the best possible customer service and enhance their experience, has come in handy in adapting to and training for my new role. My new role places a great emphasis on overall customer satisfaction and promoting a positive customer service environment where those investing in us, our service and our supplier specifically wish to be understood, listened to and valued. Not only that, but as my Back2Work course taught me as well, it is important to empathise and relate to our customers, many of whom we can understand as we too, as consumers, share many of the same issues and queries that they often encounter too. In my new role, I feel productive and well prepared by my course as somebody who enjoys helping people and being a part of something bigger, but also as somebody who enjoys growing my existing customer service skills and learning new transferable skills.

Are you more confident after completing the course? And why?

Though I already had a background in customer service, I feel that this course was good for me as one where my course tutor and fellow classmates supported me and positively reinforced my good qualities and capabilities as somebody with a background in customer service. I found that the course was also good for keeping my communicative skills fresh and intact as something that kept me engaged.

Do you feel as though you are better prepared to remain in work and also access a higher salary rate? And why?

Equipped with the learning from my Back2Work course, and recently hired by Sigma Connected through a guaranteed interview facilitated by Back2Work, I feel I am definitely better prepared to remain in work and potentially reach a higher salary rate as I progress in my new customer service based role.

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