Kelly enrolled on our construction course in order to gain her CSCS card. Our tutors ensure that all learners are up to speed through every step of the course and will schedule one-on-one sessions in order to give learners of all levels the help they need.

Read more about Kelly’s experience below: 

What is one thing you learned about Construction during your time on this course?

Learned about key health and safe procedures, lifting aid and operation, as well as how to transport goods safely on site.



Can you share any skills or lessons you’ve learned during the course, which can be applied to multiple industries?

One would be fire prevention and procedures, as well as basic health and safety within a working environment.



Did you struggle with any aspects of the course, and did you receive proper support?

I didn’t particularly struggle with any aspect of the course, it just took me a bit longer to write out and answer all the questions online and get to grips with the technical words for equipment and tools due to my dyslexia.



Can you tell us about how your tutor performed?

My tutor performed good, as she made sure that everyone understood the different types of topics and stages and made sure if we didn’t then she we recap the topic for you or talk to you about it one to one.



What about this course has made you better prepared for working in Construction?


Gaining my CSCS card has opened more doors for jobs.



How would you rate your time with our services overall?


5 out of 5

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