Our Contact Centre pre-employment training course provides our learners with all the knowledge and understanding they need to secure employment in this industry.

One learner who recently completed the course is Punnyasloak Dewanjee from Nottingham.

Punnyasloak's Story

Since graduating with a Computer Engineering degree from The University of Nottigham, Punnyasloak had found himself struggling to find full-time employment. He’d been searching for a role within a contact centre or customer services, but struggled to find a suitable role due to a lack of experience.

He enrolled on our Pre-Employment Contact Centre course to learn new skills and gain accredited qualifications to help boost his skills and overall employability.

He says he now has a better understanding of how to communicate effectively and has discovered new skills as a result.

When reflecting on the content of the course, Punnyasloak praised the delivery of his tutors, who he says provided a good variety of sessions for the group.

"They guided us with an overview of what the concept is, let us participate in group discussions, brainstorms and figure out the solutions instead of spoon-feeding us. That really helped us learn a lot and remember as well."

Enjoyment While Learning

Punnyasloak also praised the enjoyment of the course, as well as the highlighting the benefits of working together as a group with his fellow learners.

"The interaction between my team mates and trainers was great. The interactive sessions and hands-on training made the course more insightful and interesting.

"I'm now more aware of what is expected of me and how I should act or behave, keeping in mind what is expected of me.

He also offered some useful advice for those thinking of joining this pre-employment training course and what you can expect to find on the course.

"You'll get to know everything there is to know regarding contact centre roles and what things you should know, how you should deal with people and handle situations in different scenarios. It also really helps build your own self confidence, which is required in this line of work."

Successfully Gaining Employment

Not only did Punnyasloak successfully complete the Contact Centre course, but he also gained full time employment shortly afterwards with a national boiler service company.

"Following the completion of the course, Back2Work helped me to secure a job as a Technical Advisor. I now feel fully prepared and confident going into this role thanks to the skills I learned and developed throughout the course."

Congratulations again Punnyasloak – and good luck in your new role!

Looking to get back into work?

If you’re currently unemployed, over the age of 19 and looking to get back into work, our range of pre-employment courses could offer you a pathway to a new career.

Please contact us here and a member of our team will get in touch to talk through the options available to you.

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