Earlier this year, Alison was unemployed and searching for a job in Doncaster. She enrolled on a warehousing pre-employment training programme to achieve a qualification, widen her knowledge and secure employment.

As part of the course, Alison enjoyed being part of a team and working hard with others towards the same goal. Upon course completion, she was successful in her job interview.

Alison’s Experience

What made you want to take part in this course?

I wanted to gain a diploma and secure a job.

What did you enjoy most about this course?

I enjoyed being part of a team during the training.

What new skills and knowledge have you learned?

I learnt how to interact with others to achieve the same goal.

Did you find that the course met your expectations?


Did you find that the course prepared you for an interview and employment?


Did you find employment upon course completion?

Yes. At ASOS, checking and repacking returned clothes.

Were you provided with enough support from the entire team throughout the process?


Would you recommend us to others?

Yes, the course was very helpful. Knowing more about regulations in the workplace is valuable for any employment.

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