George recently completed our Contact Centre course. After completing the course he feels more confident within his abilities and feels like a bigger value to companies thanks to the skillset he was able to refine with the guidance of his tutor.

Read more about George’s experience below: 

How would you rate the course content & why?
This course was really great, I think courses like this are quite rare. The way it was ran, the content we 
learned was insightful. It really opened my eyes to the processes used in contact centres and the reasons they are used and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!


How well did your tutor support you through the course content?

My Tutor was great as well, she was super engaging and made everything really enjoyable, which really made it easy for me to stay focused and learn.


Following the course, do you feel more prepared for working in your selected industry?

I think the course gave a great insight into the reasons we use certain processes in contact centres and the reasons why we talk to customers in a certain way. A lot of the transferable skills I learnt have been really useful in my current job, and have helped me to feel really comfortable and confident talking to people.


Are you more confident after completing the course?

Very simply yes! Now I have a clear process in my mind that I use subconsciously to talk to customers and clients, on a daily basis. In the past, I used to trip over words and often became stuck in difficult situations. Now I feel very confident I can deal with any situation thrown at me and that I can stay friendly and professional over the phone.


Do you feel as though you are better prepared to remain in work and also access a higher salary rate?

I definitely feel more comfortable and secure in my current job with the transferable skills I have learnt. In general, I would say yes as I am more confident in general I believe my work and communication are of a higher standard. I also believe these skills and knowledge are genuinely desirable and of great value for lots of companies so I do feel able to find a higher salary rate.



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