Our fully-funded Customer Service training course provides our learners with all the knowledge and understanding they need to secure employment in this industry.

One learner who recently completed this course is Omowera Ojie from Merseyside.

Omowera's Story

After previously gaining a BSC in Business Information Systems, Omowera decided to enrol on this particular course to develop her existing customer service skills, as well as gain a better understanding of effective communicating techniques.

"The course helped me to recognise the areas in customer service where I needed to improve, such as my writing skills and understanding how to express my thoughts better. "This has enabled me to enhance my skills and made me a better communicator and a better listener."

Increased Confidence & Improved Skills

She also told us how much more confident she feels, and how her tutors helped develop her existing skills throughout the course.

"They gave me a much deeper understanding of effective and efficient customer service skills. "I also realised that certain methods of communicating were considered as 'opening' and 'closed' when asking questions, which I hadn't considered previously."

Omowera not only learnt new skills to apply in a customer service role, but was also supported with interview tips and advice. She also received guidance on how to update her CV.

"I rearranged and updated my CV with guidance from my tutors, which has been of great benefit to me. I was also shown different ways of representing myself better in an interview situation, which was also very helpful."

Omowera is now well underway with the interview process thanks to the Customer Service course, where she learned how to answer questions accurately and effectively, with an insight into what she can expect in an interview for a customer service advisor role.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on her progress and wish her all the best with her future career.

Congratulations again, Omowera!

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