Sandra recently completed our Customer Service course. This course helped Sandra achieve her qualification and she now feels more prepared for work.

Read more about their experience below: 

How would you rate the course content & why?

The course content helped me achieve the learning outcome which was key when I applied for the course. The course content had different topics about strategies and different techniques on how to provide great customer service and leave customers satisfied.

How well did your tutor support you through the course content?

The tutor was really helpful and she provided personalised assistance throughout the learning journey. She did a lot of different interactive activities, which helped us better understand the course content. She provided support, explained and gave us a lot of life-based scenario examples.

Following the course, do you feel more prepared for working in your selected industry?

I think that finishing the course gives some insights into how to prepare myself for the job position that Im looking for, knowing some new skills like soft skills and different strategies on how to operate in the workplace.

Are you more confident after completing the course?


Do you feel as though you are better prepared to remain in work and also access a higher salary rate?

Yes, definitely I feel more prepared for the right job position for me to find and access higher salary rates. The more skills I have the more valuable I become to my employer.

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