Taleisha Mattis recently completed our Digital Skills course. Although at first she wasn’t looking forward to the course, our tutors ensured that Taleisha was comfortable, which in turn made the experience enjoyable and allowed Taleisha to reach her full potential.

Read more about Taleisha’s experience below: 

I don’t usually enjoy educational environments as I find myself feeling overwhelmed and then end up wanting to quit. However, this course has been fun and informative. Although I am a shy person, everyone is welcoming, considerate and patient which I find is really helpful to me. I can say this is the first course where I feel like i have learnt something and pushed myself because I actually enjoy the course, not just to get the course over and done with.

Jakki and Tina have been amazing tutors; they are so funny and always interact with everyone in a positive manor and create a positive learning environment. Although I didn’t have my microphone and camera on as it made me feel uncomfortable, they still supported me the same and interacted with me just like everyone else. 

My main goal is to achieve is the Digital Contact Centre Level 1 and Customer Service Level 2 as these courses will help me to stay working remotely and I am more likely to get remote jobs. Overall, this course has been enjoyable and I have learnt more than just customer service and digital contact centre operations. I have learnt to always push myself and this course has boosted my confidence greatly. 
I would 100% recommend this course if you’re looking to work remotely in customer service. 

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