Our digital skills course has been designed to help learners prepare for employment in an era where digital skills have become a desired skill for all employees.

Our courses are currently running online, but we have a team of dedicated enrolment officers and tutors to ensure that all of our learners have a smooth start to the training programme.

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from Viktor, who has recently completed his online training course us –

“I’ve chosen this course because I wanted to learn more about IT, digital devices and how to properly and safely use them.

I did not expect the programme to be as intense, thorough and packed with very useful information, as it was.

The tutor, Suzy Callister, a very knowledgeable and professional teacher, was following our progress all along the way and was available for support and guidance either online or on the phone, ready to answer any questions we might have, and help to resolve any difficulties with devices and programmes usage.

In short, the experience of being on this programme has gone far beyond my expectations.

I have learnt a lot about new developments and devices in the IT world.

The importance of safe and secure browsing is hard to underestimate, in particular when it comes to banking and shopping online.

I have learnt about the viruses, malware and cybercrime, and how to protect the devices against it.

I’ve learnt about IT at home and at work, and what impact it has on our lives.

I’ve got some knowledge of proper email, spreadsheet, and social media platforms usage, which have become a widespread way of communication and socialising nowadays.

Moreover, thanks to this course and our amazing tutor, I’ve gained some insights and sheer interest in learning more about IT.

Seizing the moment, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to the team who created and delivered such a useful and much needed programme.”

Viktor is now much more confident about finding a job and has developed a wide range of skills and knowledge to add to his CV and put into practice in the workplace. 

Skills covered throughout the course include:

  • Select and set up digital devices / systems
  • Using a keyboard, pointing device or touchscreen
  • Basic use of digital devices / systems
  • Digital presence, awareness and safety
  • Introduction to using the Internet
  • Introduction to using E-mail
  • Introduction to using Word Processing software

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