With less than three weeks to go until Christmas Day, many families across the UK will already be planning for the festive season with their bank balance in mind.

According to YouGov, households in England spend an average of £740 more in December when compared to other months. Given the current cost of living crisis, it’s clear that now more than ever is the time to tighten the purse-strings so to speak, so splashing out on gifts, decorations and food at this time of year may not be possible.

We’ve therefore provided a guide on how to save money this Christmas, with some alternative ways to brighten your loved one’s Christmas season, without breaking the bank.

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Christmas Gifting on a Budget

Giving presents to loved ones is one of the best parts about Christmas for many.

Making someone feel special by getting them something truly unique or expensive may seem like the obvious choice, but there are some alternative and budget-friendly ideas you could consider to make their Christmas this year.

Photo Printing

Digital photo printing is a great way to give a personalised and thoughtful gift. Coupled with an inexpensive frame, this could be a great way of giving someone something truly special this year.

Photo printing, family memories. Woman looks at printed photos for family picture album.

Experience Vouchers

You could create a personalised voucher to give someone an experience they’ll really appreciate.

If you have new parents in the family, you could create a “Free Weekend of Babysitting” voucher to give them some time away, or a “Dad’s Taxi Service” voucher to your kids, offering them unlimited lifts to go and see their friends.

Remember, the best things in life are free!

Cooking & Baking

Get busy in the kitchen by making your loved one’s favourite treats. Brownies and cakes are always a winner! Wrap them in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon to create a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s a whole bunch of things you can easily create at home instead of buying them at the shops. Candles, soaps, bespoke jewellery, the list is endless! And if you buy in bulk and create these for a number of family members and friends, your supplies will work out much cheaper.

Chocolate brownies Christmas tree with chocolate icing and festive sprinkles on stone table. Christm

Budget Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Re-Use Your Old Baubles & Tinsel

It goes without saying, but storing your baubles and lights safely away in a box ready to use again the following year really is a no-brainer for saving money at Christmas. 

If you want a new colour scheme to give your tree a refresh this year, you could speak to a friend or family member about swapping your decorations – you’ll both save money and you’ll get a whole new look for your tree.

Use Ribbons

Instead of buying expensive lights or baubles, you could invest in a spool of ribbon instead. It should only set you back a couple of pounds, and you can use it to tie classy festive bows around your tree.

Couple opening presents on Christmas morning

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