During her time with us, Gemma learned valuable customer service skills such as soft skills & how to communicate calmly and effectively. Our tutors are industry experts who have a host of experience which allows our learners to begin their new roles with the confidence needed to succeed. 

Read more about Gemma’s experience below: 

What is one thing you learned about working in Customer Service during your time on this course?

I have learned how important customer service skills are for many businesses. I have also learned that businesses rely heavily on employees who can establish positive interactions with customers, which can help develop a good reputation and improve customer loyalty. By offering the best possible customer service, you can fulfil your customers’ expectations and ensure a positive experience overall.

Can you share any skills or lessons you’ve learned during the course, which can be applied to multiple industries?

I learned about soft skills which are the route of customer service skills. These help in learning how to communicate effectively, make decisions, think independently, and improve your understanding of empathy, you’ll be able to relate to and assist others more easily. These can be applied to multiple industries as employers value individuals with strong soft skills because they are able to interact effectively with customers and colleagues alike.

Did you struggle with any aspects of the course, and did you receive proper support?

I did not struggle with any aspects of this course, but I could see that other people on the course did struggle and they received all the support they needed. With tutors and other members of the course helping out others that were struggling along the way.

Can you tell us about how your tutor performed?

My tutors performed excellently throughout this course. Lessons were delivered and structured in an excellent manner considering how many people were on the course. Any problems were dealt with promptly.

What about this course has made you better prepared for working in Customer Service?

I feel more confident applying for and working in a customer service role due to the topics covered in this course. I have learnt how to effectively use customer service skills. I have learnt about various different aspects of customer service and how various problems can arise and how to resolve these in a confident calm manner.


How would you rate your time with our services overall?

5 out of 5

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