Mandy gained confidence and refreshed her skillset during her time on our Contact Centre training course. Our tutors will aim to answer any and all questions, even in large classes. 

Read more about Mandy’s experience below: 

What is one thing you learned about working in a Contact Centre during your time on this course?

That support is available even when working from home.



Can you share any skills or lessons you’ve learned during the course, which can be applied to multiple industries?

We learned about different levels of customer service that is applicable in almost every customer facing role.



Did you struggle with any aspects of the course, and did you receive proper support?

Didn’t have any difficulties, but all questions were answered fully and quickly



Can you tell us about how your tutor performed?

My tutor was brilliant, always on hand to help or answer questions which was a lot as there was almost 40 people on the course.



What about this course has made you better prepared for working in a Contact Centre environment?


It has given me the confidence in myself to get back into employment.



How would you rate your time with our services overall?


5 out of 5

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