Nicholas enrolled on our Customer Service course to refresh his memory on customer service techniques. Our industry expert tutors provided support with realistic timeframes for work projects & used their own personal experiences to display correct practices in real world scenarios. 

Read more about Nicholas’s experience below: 

Could you say a few lines about how your tutor performed? Did they bring anything unique to your learning?

The tutors were very knowledgeable about digital devices and the customer service industry.
They made sure that everyone had enough time to complete the assessments and were more than happy to offer suggestions and their own personal experiences to make it easier to understand the concepts.

What made you sign up to the course initially? Did you get what you wanted from the course?

I am quite knowledgeable about customer service, but it’s always nice to go over the concepts to make sure you are fully knowledgeable of the subject.
I managed to use a lot of the techniques when I applied for a remote Customer Service role after completing the course.

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