Zarah Karolia enrolled on our Contact Centre course with a view to increasing her chances of finding full-time employment. With support from our expert tutors and our progressions teams, Zarah was able to successfully gain her qualification, increase her knowledge and skills & find full-time employment.

Read more about her experience below:

What is one thing you learned about working in a Contact Centre during your time on this course?

I learned all about health and safety while working from home, as a call centre agent. I also learned about different customer enquiries and ways to deal with them.

Can you share any skills or lessons you’ve learned during the course, which can be applied to multiple industries?

Going for walks when on your break is essential when working from home, it gives you a fresh mind ready for the rest of the day.

Did you struggle with any aspects of the course and did you receive proper support?

I received amazing support and understood all the courses content, which the tutor explained into great detail.

Can you tell us about how your tutor performed?

My tutor was amazing and explained everything really well.

What about this course has made you better prepared for working in a Contact Centre environment?

This course has got me to where I am today, which is now training in a call centre – I couldn’t be happier with it.

How would you rate your time with our services overall?

5 Stars out of 5

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