Imrana Begum recently completed our Contact Centre course. She was nervous about doing the course as she had been out of work and education for a while, but her nerves soon turned into confidence and increased knowledge. Our tutors ensured that Imrana was made welcome and comfortable, with patience and understanding throughout the course.

Read more about Imrana’s experience below: 

The course has provided me with support and guidance to gain a qualification that I can now add to my CV & utilise towards job applications. The course has completely exceeded my expectations, I have learned many things & gained many skills and knowledge that I did not expect to gain. Before I started the course I was very nervous as I have been out of work and education for a while. However I have achieved an increased sense of confidence and I, now attain the knowledge to use the digital side of customer service successfully. 


The course was filled with information and techniques needed for a contact centre role, which I can say with full confidence that I will be utilising in my future customer service roles remotely. The course has also provided me with better job opportunities and more chances of gaining employment sooner, as well as working confidently. In addition, this course has helped me gain skills and techniques in preparing myself for future job interviews. 


Jakki & Tina have been amazing teachers/mentors, they have been very understanding and patient with everyone and they have made us all feel welcome and comfortable from day 1. They have both supported and guided us thoroughly with the daily tasks and assessments. They were always there to help us and I felt confident I would be able to pass this course purely based on the outstanding support & guidance I received from both Jakki & Tina and for that, I am grateful to have had them support us in this course. I have gained and learned so much, every day was productive and I felt like I had achieved and accomplished something new every day I have had a great experience being a part of such a wonderful group. 


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